Reader Leaders, Age 8, Appear on Live TV to Discuss Author Interviews, Reviews

Reader leaders
Reader leaders
8-Yr-Old Reader Leaders Appear on Live TV

Two Roving Reader Leaders, age 8, appeared yesterday on Portland Today, a live TV show, to discuss their author interviews and book reviews.

Michael, chief of the Roving Reader Leaders, and Oliver, one of our kidlit lovers, appeared with teddy bears and books in hand, and answered questions from the hosts.

Watch their interview here:
Roving Reader Leaders Interviewed on Live TV: Portland Today

KidLit Review: Why This 8-Yr-Old Loves “Babymouse”

KidLit Review: Baby Mouse

In this KidLit Review by Delilah, our newest Roving Reader Leader, we learn about “Babymouse,” a graphic novel series about Babymouse and her friends. The series features her buddy, Wilson, who always helps Babymouse, and Francine, who’s a bully. Delilah especially likes the daydream sequences, in which the narrator says funny things to Babymouse that nobody else can hear. Our kidlit reviewer says the best part of Babymouse is the number of books in the series!

Watch her video review here:

In the review we included a poll. We’d love for you to answer our questions! What do you think of Babymouse? Do you like graphic novels? And a few other questions: Do our video book reviews help you decide whether you want to read the book we’re reviewing? Are there issues we’re not covering? Do you like our book rating system (which is basically any number of stars the reviewer want to give a book).

Here’s an Amazon review of Babymouse that gives more detail:
“Meet Babymouse—Her dreams are big! Her imagination is wild! Her whiskers are ALWAYS a mess! In her mind, she’s Queen of the World! In real life…she’s not even Queen of the lunch table.”

If you’d like to learn more about the Roving Reader Leaders, check out this video:

Our book lovers also interview authors. Most recently, Michael, chief of the Roving Reader Leaders, interviewed one of his favorite authors, Laurie Sutton.

Here’s their interview:

He also interviewed Cynthia Bardes, author of the Pansy the Poodle book series. We’ve got a long list of authors our KidLit lovers want to interview, so stay tuned!

If you’ve got book lovers in your household, they’re welcome to join the team. We work with bookworms via Skype and in person. Email us at

Why Do Our Reader Leaders Review Kids’ Books in Gyms?

Reader Leaders Review Kids' Books
Reader Leaders Review Kids' Books
Reader Leader Chief Reviewing in Indoor Playground

Why do the Roving Reader Leaders review kids’ books in gyms, indoor playgrounds, parks, libraries and bookstores?

First of all, we want to give you an example. In this video, Michael, age 7, chief of the Roving Reader Leaders, reviews “The Case of the School Ghost,” a Buddy Files book, at an indoor playground. At the end of each of his reviews, the interviewer says she hopes he’ll be back soon for another kids’ book review. He always says, “Why don’t we do it now?” and in this case, he slides down a slide.

Watch the review here–but beware, there’s a spoiler!

Back to the initial question. Why do our KidLit lovers review books in all these kid-friendly places? It all began three years ago, when we (Michael and Lisa Cohn) were preparing to release our first kids’ dog book. We created Michael’s Books and Dog Blog and decided that our young book lover would review dog books on YouTube. It was his idea to do our reviews in libraries, parks, bookstores, gyms, taxis and museums.

And we established a specific book review format–created by Michael. Lisa would introduce him, he’d do the review, then she’d say, “I hope to have you back soon,” at which point he’d say, “Why don’t we do it now?” and then do something silly. In the reviews, he falls down, slides down slides, licks the camera, or finds some other important way to remind the viewer that he’s just a kid.

Soon enough, Michael, then age 5, appeared on the Today Show for his book reviews. You can watch the story here:
Book Crazy Boy, 5, A Budding Literary Critic

By reviewing KidLit in parks, gyms, museums, bookstores and libraries, we hope to get other children involved in the Roving Reader Leaders–or, at least, to remind them about how important–and fun–it is to read and discuss children’s books.

Questions or comments? Email us at!

A Reader Leader Licks a KidLit Book to See if it’s in Good Taste!

Loving KidLit
Loving KidLit
Roving Reader Leaders do Book Review for Reporter

One of our reader leaders licked a KidLit book to see if it was in good taste while being interviewed by a local reporter–from the Beaverton Valley Times.

The interview (and book review) took place in one of our favorite libraries–the Beaverton City Library.

We love how the reporter begins the story–by comparing Michael, age 7, to a famous book reviewer from the New York Times.

“It’s unlikely anyone will mistake Michael Cohn for famed New York Times book critic Michiko Kakutani.

By way of example, the uber-literary Kakutani likely never licked a book before to find out whether it’s in good taste.

But Michael, age “7 and about a half,” goofily does just that as he discussed “The Hungry Book Club,” part of the “Nate the Great” series.

The Portland boy is a co-founder and one of the youngest members of the Roving Reader Leaders book club, children and teens who meet — often in Beaverton — to discuss and review children’s literature. Many of their reviews are filmed in places such as the Beaverton City Library and Beaverton Town Square shopping center, and then edited and posted on YouTube; they also interview authors via Skype.”

Read the article here:

Loving KidLit
Reader Leaders Discuss Loving KidLit

During the interview, we gave a demonstration of how we do our book reviews–often with an iPhone in a public place like a library, bookstore, park, gymnasium or museum.

That’s why we call our reader leaders “roving;” they do their reviews in places where kids can be found. The idea is to share their love of reading in ways that are contagious. During our reviews, kids sometimes jump in and offer their commentary.

Stay tuned for the reviews we conducted during this interview. And next time you see our Roving Reader Leaders out in public, they’ll be wearing their new badges, which just arrived in the mail. So did the stickers that we give authors whose books get a “Thumbs up!” from our team!

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Two Boys, Age 6, Review Scooby-Doo Book: “The World Should Read This!”

review Scooby-Doo book

Michael and Levko, age 6 (at the time this was filmed), review the Scooby-Doo book, “The Mystery of the Aztec Tomb” by Laurie Sutton, saying “The world should read this.”

These founding members of the Roving Reader Leaders loved this book, which is one of many “You Choose Stories: Scooby-Doo” books from Capstone that invite kids to choose a number of different endings. Michael and Levko reveal their favorite part–a funny part–and think hard about a rating before giving it 6 million stars.

You can watch their kids’ book review here:

Not only do our Roving Reader Leaders review books; they also interview authors. Michael was thrilled to interview the author of this book, Laurie Sutton. He asked her about some of the choices she makes, made a special request, and got a promise from her. Watch his interview with her here:

How do kids become Roving Reader Leaders? Good question! They simply join our club here: Join the Club! You can learn more about Michael, Levko and the founding members of the Roving Reader Leaders here: Meet our Reader Leaders

Why are the kids called “roving” reader leaders? Good question! Many of our book reviews take place in gyms, parks, taxis, museums and on city streets and playgrounds. Our literary experts rove around, sharing their love of books wherever kids can be found!

It all began when book lover Michael, now age 7, decided to start reviewing books. He thought it would be fun to do book reviews in fun places. Since he takes his books everywhere, we began shooting reviews on the Oregon Coast, in Montana ski lodges, in New York taxis, and on playgrounds all over Portland, Oregon. Soon his good friends started joining in the fun.

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And if you’re an author who’d like to have your book reviewed, email us at–but please be patient! We’ve got a big stack of KidLit books to review!

Book Lover, Age 7, Interviews a Favorite KidLit Author: Laurie Sutton

KidLit Author Interview

By Lisa Cohn

When we first began doing interviews with KidLit authors, Michael, age 7–aka chief of the Roving Reader Leaders–was clear that Laurie Sutton was one of the authors on the top of his list.

Laurie is a former editor for Marvel and DC Comics and writer of Star Trek comics. She now writes KidLit for Capstone, and has penned numerous Scooby-Doo books that Michael loves.

We approached Laurie via Twitter, by first tweeting a video book review of one of her books, “The Mystery of the Aztec Tomb: You Choose Stories: Scooby-Doo.” Michael did the fun book review along with his friend, Levko, and it begins with the boys goofing around and then revealing their favorite lines in the book.

Michael was thrilled when Laurie responded to his tweet, saying she liked the review. We then sent her a tweet saying Michael had a request, which we would send her via direct message.

When Laurie got back to us and said she’d like to do the interview, Michael was thrilled!

Watch his interview with her here. We loved her funny responses to his questions!

In the video, Michael recites some favorite lines from her books. He tells her why her Scooby-Doo books are different than other Scooby-Doo books. He asks her a few questions about her writing choices. And, at the end, he makes a special request–and gets a promise from Laurie.

In “You Choose Stories: Scooby-Doo,” readers can choose many endings. They can follow the different characters–Scooby, Fred, Velma, Daphne and Shaggy–on different paths. You can watch Michael and Levko review “The Mystery of the Aztec Tomb” here:

Who should read this book, the interviewer asks the boys? “The world should!”

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Video Book Review by Kids, Age 5 and 7: “I Like Mystery Fiction”

Video Book Review

What do our kid book reviewers love so much about Scooby-Doo books? In this video book review by Michael, age 5 at the time, and Edward, age 7 at the time, viewers learn that Edward likes mystery fiction, and Michael loves how silly these books are!

In the minds and hearts of these Roving Reader Leaders, silliness plus mystery fiction equals great fun!

Watch these boys discuss “Scooby-Doo and The Rock ‘N Roll Zombie” in this video:


Note that Michael is so excited he jumps up and down. The boys show their favorite page–where the Scooby gang members dress up as rock n’ roll stars. “Scooby-Doo wears fake red hair,” Michael explains.

The boys also give a little constructive criticism about this book. And the videographer jumps in and adds her two cents, noting that she doesn’t like it when the characters get tied up in Scooby-Doo books.

Michael is now 7–and still loves Scooby-Doo books. When he visits the library or bookstore–generally four or five times a week–he often heads first to the Scooby-Doo book section. That says a lot about the power of the gang’s silliness and the strong characters.

Do you know any kids who love KidLit as much as Michael and Edward? Would you like them to join the Roving Reader Leaders team? At Roving Reader Leaders, kids age 5-17 lead the KidLit conversation by reviewing kids’ books on YouTube. Subscribe to our channel here: Our Reader Leaders also conduct YouTube interviews with children’s book authors. Parents, teachers, authors and librarians can join the club and get our KidLit News at and KidLit authors can sign up for kids’ book reviews by our reader leaders! Our “Roving” Reader Leaders do their reviews in parks, gyms, taxis, museums and everywhere children can be found! Kids and teachers, please send us written and video reviews by kids! Email us at

Want to learn about how all this got started? Watch the chief of the Roving Reader Leaders on the Today Show here!

Video Book Review by Kids, age 5 &13: Good Dog, Carl

Video Book Review

In this video book review by Michael, age 5 at the time, and Mia, age 13, viewers learn all about why kids love “Good Dog, Carl” and especially what’s funny about it–according to Michael, who is chief of the Roving Reader Leaders.

Mia explains why this dog picture book is a classic for kids. Watch the video review here:

Our “Good Dog, Carl” review was filmed on the Oregon Coast; our other reviews take place in book stores, taxis, museums, city streets and on playgrounds and other places that are popular with children. That’s why we call our team “Roving” Reader Leaders! The kids’ mission is to “rove” and share their love of KidLit–especially in public places–in the hopes that their enthusiasm is contagious!

The Roving Reader Leaders also interview children’s book authors via Skype and post the interviews on our YouTube page and blog.

Do you know any young book lovers who would like to join the team? Email us at We’d love for parents, teacher and kids to submit photos of kids reading, and for book lovers to participate in our KidLit discussions (online and in person here in Portland). When they do this, they earn badges and could be featured on our website and blog. Learn about our founding Reader Leaders here:

Our “Good Dog, Carl” review was one of the first we filmed, back in 2013 when we began doing video book reviews. At the time, we only focused on dog books, but have since expanded to all kinds of kids’ books, including picture books and chapter books. We’re excited that our list of budding book reviewers is expanding!

Video Book Review
Video Book Review by Roving Reader Leaders

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Watch Fun Kids’ Book Reviews by Kids and Join the Club!

Fun Kids' Book Reviews

Be sure to watch fun clips from our kids’ book reviews by kids!

This video, intended to introduce you to Roving Reader Leaders, includes short clips from kids’ book reviews about six fun children’s books. In addition, be sure to watch a clip in which our Reader Leader Chief interviews one of his favorite others, Laurie Sutton, author of numerous “You Choose Stories: Scooby Doo” books.

Our kid book reviewers rate and discuss The Mystery of the Aztec Tomb, Walter the Farting Dog, Good Dog, Carl, Scooby-Doo and The Rock ‘N Roll Zombie, and give a quick–and very high–rating to Magic Tree House books at the very end.

We invite comments about our kids’ book reviews by kids from teachers, librarians, parents and teens and children. You can comment in the comment section of the video, or you can comment here. We want to hear from you.

Are the kids doing a good job reviewing? What books would you like the Roving Reader Leaders to review? Do you want to know how to join the club?

At Roving Reader Leaders, our mission is to get kids actively engaged in reading, discussion and analysis in fun ways!

Teachers, parents and librarians can sign their young readers up for our club (free) and subscribe to our Free KidLit Newsletter.

Through our club, young readers take part in in-person, online and phone KidLit Chats and learn how to do book reviews and author interviews. They earn Roving Reader Leader badges and T-shirts by doing book reviews and author interviews, sending us photos, and participating in book discussions on our social media.

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Kids Lead the KidLit Discussion at Roving Reader Leaders

Reader Leaders
Reader Leaders
Chief of the Reader Leaders

At Roving Reader Leaders, young readers lead the KidLit discussion!

Our mission is to get kids actively engaged in reading, discussion and analysis in fun ways! Teachers, parents and librarians can sign their young readers up for our club (which is free) and subscribe to our KidLit newsletter (free).

Through our club, young readers take part in online KidLit Chats, learn how to do book reviews and author interviews–and earn Roving Reader Leader badges and T-shirts by doing book reviews and author interviews.

Learn about the founding members of Roving Reader Leaders here:

They include our chief, Michael, age 7, who reads and reviews books in gymnasiums, taxis, bookstores, ski lodges, libraries, and on playgrounds and city streets, and they’re posted on our YouTube Channel. He also writes the “Bash and Lucy” book series with his mom, Lisa Cohn, and helps her create audiobooks that feature his voice and the voices of his friends. He recently was honored to interview Laurie Sutton, author of many of Michael’s favorite “You Choose Stories: Scooby-Doo” books.

Reader Leader
Reader Leader Mia

Another Roving Reader Leader is Mia, a 15-year-old book lover who has been seen reviewing books with Michael in gardens, chocolate stores, on the Oregon Coast, and in her backyard! Her favorite books are Harry Potter, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, To Kill a Mockingbird, and Fever 1793. In addition to reading, she likes to watch movies and bake.


Reader Leaders Edward, Matthew and Adam
Reader Leaders Edward, Matthew, and Adam, with Michael

Edward, age 9, and Matthew and Adam, age 7, are brothers who are founding members of the Roving Reader Leaders. Edward reviewed “Scooby-Doo and the Phantom Cowboy” for the Roving Reader Leaders YouTube Channel. The brothers take part in many Reader Leaders events, and recently took part in book readings at two fundraisers for dogs, and provided voice-overs for Michael and Lisa’s audiobooks. Edward likes Harry Potter and Percy Jackson books, and Adam and Matthew like mysteries, fantasy and mythology. When they’re not reading and reviewing, they play basketball and soccer, sing in a choir, and take part in Boy Scout activities.


Reader Leaders Lukyan and Levko
Reader Leaders Lukyan and Levko

Lukyan, age 9, and Levko, age 7, are Ukranian Americans who can be found with their heads in books on forest logs (see photo), at the Oregon Zoo, at libraries, and in bookstores and their front yard. Their favorite books include Big Nate, Calvin and Hobbs and Captain Underpants. Like Mia, they are founding members of the Roving Reader Leaders. Levko recently helped review “The Mystery of the Aztec Tomb,” a “You Choose Stories: Scooby-Doo” book by Laurie Sutton.

Teachers, parents and librarians, you can sign your kids up for our club here:

Please send photos of kids reading and we’ll post them on our social media! These photos earn club members points toward badges! Email