Roving Kidlit Reviewer, Age 8, Reviews this Series on a Ranch in Hawaii!

Michael, age 8, our roving Kidlit reviewer, reviews “Show and Tell” from Abby Klein’s “Double Trouble” series while visiting a ranch in Hawaii.

He makes a request of author Abby Klein, and gives the bad news about this series.

Watch Michael’s review here:

Why do our Roving Reader Leaders review children’s books in parks, bookstores, libraries, and on playgrounds and at ranches? First of all, because it’s fun. Second, when we’re out and about, kids often ask what we’re doing–and we can spread our enthusiasm for children’s books. Michael and friends have reviewed books in a number of states, including Montana, Connecticut, Oregon and New York. They’ve reviewed books on city streets, in taxis, and in ski lodges.

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Video Book Review by Kids, Age 5 and 7: “I Like Mystery Fiction”

Video Book Review

What do our kid book reviewers love so much about Scooby-Doo books? In this video book review by Michael, age 5 at the time, and Edward, age 7 at the time, viewers learn that Edward likes mystery fiction, and Michael loves how silly these books are!

In the minds and hearts of these Roving Reader Leaders, silliness plus mystery fiction equals great fun!

Watch these boys discuss “Scooby-Doo and The Rock ‘N Roll Zombie” in this video:


Note that Michael is so excited he jumps up and down. The boys show their favorite page–where the Scooby gang members dress up as rock n’ roll stars. “Scooby-Doo wears fake red hair,” Michael explains.

The boys also give a little constructive criticism about this book. And the videographer jumps in and adds her two cents, noting that she doesn’t like it when the characters get tied up in Scooby-Doo books.

Michael is now 7–and still loves Scooby-Doo books. When he visits the library or bookstore–generally four or five times a week–he often heads first to the Scooby-Doo book section. That says a lot about the power of the gang’s silliness and the strong characters.

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