We send stickers and bookmarks to all our club members–and to the teachers and librarians who join our club. When young readers attain the “green” Roving Reader Leaders status, they earn badges, which we send for free.

But club members, teachers and librarians aren’t limited to what we send them. They can purchase additional stickers, bookmarks and badges below. Learn how to get points that earn kids green badges by visiting our Join the club page.  Authors and publishers, you can purchase stickers after getting an “approved” review from our team. Learn more by visiting our Book Reviews Page.

If you have any questions or would like something in a larger quantity, please Contact Us


48 “Michael Likes It” Stickers….$20 24 “Michael Likes It” Stickers….$10 48 “Thumbs Up!” Stickers…$20
24 “Thumbs Up!” Stickers…$10


1 Blue Badge…$3 1 Red Badge…$3 1 Green Badge…$3
For All Club Members For “Red” Level Club Members For “Green” Level Members


1 Bookmark…$1 25 Bookmarks…$20


Books by Our Reader Leader and his Mom!

Bash and Lucy Fetch Confidence Book Bash and Lucy Fetch Jealousy Book

Audiobooks by Our Roving Reader Leaders

Featuring the Voices of Our Reader Leaders

Bash and Lucy Fetch Confidence Audiobook (CD)…$3.50 Bash and Lucy Fetch Jealousy Audiobook (CD)…$3.50