Join the Club!

Parents, teachers and librarians, sign up your book lovers to join our Roving Reader Leaders Club. . They’ll learn how to do book reviews and author interviews and will earn Roving Reader Leader badges for taking part in our KidLit discussions! Our most active members will also appear as Reader Leaders on our website (with a parent’s permission). Fill out this form and we’ll email you with details!


Anyone who joins gets a bookmark and Roving Reader Leader sticker from us. But how do kids earn points toward badges and T-shirts?

–Send us book reviews, especially videos, which we’ll post, with a parent’s permission. Kids get extra points for doing “roving” reviews in public places where kids spend time.
–Actively take part in our KidLit Chats in person or via Skype, discussing books.
–Take part in the conversation surrounding our book reviews by commenting on our YouTube videos (which you can find on our YouTube Channel or on our Facebook Page .
–Suggest books for us to review.
–Send us photos of kids reading in fun places, with permission to post the photos on our social media (We won’t use names, unless requested).
–Lead the KidLit discussion in any other ways that you can dream up!

We’ll keep you updated about our book reviews, KidLit chats and authors interviews via email so you can join the discussion!

Once club members have achieved the green (or top) level of being Roving Reader Leaders, they’re welcome to purchase all three badges–but that’s optional. We’ll send you one badge, and you can purchase additional ones if you like in our store here.