Why Do Our Reader Leaders Review Kids’ Books in Gyms?

Reader Leaders Review Kids' Books
Reader Leaders Review Kids' Books
Reader Leader Chief Reviewing in Indoor Playground

Why do the Roving Reader Leaders review kids’ books in gyms, indoor playgrounds, parks, libraries and bookstores?

First of all, we want to give you an example. In this video, Michael, age 7, chief of the Roving Reader Leaders, reviews “The Case of the School Ghost,” a Buddy Files book, at an indoor playground. At the end of each of his reviews, the interviewer says she hopes he’ll be back soon for another kids’ book review. He always says, “Why don’t we do it now?” and in this case, he slides down a slide.

Watch the review here–but beware, there’s a spoiler!

Back to the initial question. Why do our KidLit lovers review books in all these kid-friendly places? It all began three years ago, when we (Michael and Lisa Cohn) were preparing to release our first kids’ dog book. We created Michael’s Books and Dog Blog and decided that our young book lover would review dog books on YouTube. It was his idea to do our reviews in libraries, parks, bookstores, gyms, taxis and museums.

And we established a specific book review format–created by Michael. Lisa would introduce him, he’d do the review, then she’d say, “I hope to have you back soon,” at which point he’d say, “Why don’t we do it now?” and then do something silly. In the reviews, he falls down, slides down slides, licks the camera, or finds some other important way to remind the viewer that he’s just a kid.

Soon enough, Michael, then age 5, appeared on the Today Show for his book reviews. You can watch the story here:
Book Crazy Boy, 5, A Budding Literary Critic

By reviewing KidLit in parks, gyms, museums, bookstores and libraries, we hope to get other children involved in the Roving Reader Leaders–or, at least, to remind them about how important–and fun–it is to read and discuss children’s books.

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