Kids’ Dog Book Reviewers Give “Lost Boy” 99-Zillion-Star Rating!

Kids' Dog Book Reviewers
Kids' Dog Book Reviewers
Kids’ Dog Book Reviewers

Our team of kids’ dog book reviewers, age 7-10, love The Buddy Files, a dog mystery series starring Buddy, a detective dog.

Three Roving Reader Leaders–Michael, age 7, Margot, age 7, and Wesley, age 10–review “The Case of the Lost Boy” by Dori Hillestad Butler in the video below, giving it a number of top ratings, including 99 zillion trillion stars.

Our reader leaders are “roving” because they conduct their reviews in parks, gyms, libraries, bookstores and other places kids can be found. In this video, they’re at a library where they often meet. Margot and Michael goof around a bit, falling off their chairs and sniffing each other (the way the main character in the book sniffs people). After all, they’re only 7–while Wesley, who is 10, takes his job as kidlit reviewer very seriously. Don’t get me wrong–Margot and Michael take their job seriously, too–in a 7-year-old kind of way.

Here’s their review:

Wesley gives the book a six-star rating, saying he’d like the dog, Buddy, to talk in the series.

Coming soon is a review of another “Buddy Files” book, “The Case of the School Ghost,” filmed in a gym.

“The Case of the Lost Boy” is the first in the series, and introduces Buddy, who lost contact with his beloved owners and ended up in the pound. The mystery in this book introduces readers to Buddy’s new family, and keeps you wondering what happened to his old family.

Michael, who is chief of the Roving Reader Leaders, loves dog-book mysteries, and has reviewed many Scooby-Doo books, as well as Pansy the Poodle mysteries.

In addition to reviewing books, the Roving Reader Leaders like to interview authors–especially dog book authors. Recently, Michael interviewed Laurie Sutton, author of many Scooby-Doo books. You can watch his interview below: Who do you think the Roving Reader Leaders will interview next?

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