Meet Our Newest KidLit Lovers and Reader Leaders!

Our Newest Reader Leaders and KidLit Lovers
Our Newest KidLit Lovers
Our Newest KidLit Lovers, Reader Leaders







Meet our newest KidLit lovers and Roving Reader Leaders!

Ahmed, a curious and charismatic unschooled 7-year-old, loves being read to, and enjoys chapter books like Dragon Slayer’s Academy, A to Z Mysteries, and The Magic Tree House series.

When not plotting to save the world or engrossed in a super-hero duel with his younger brother, Rahim, Ahmed can be found dreaming about his future empire, Bath Castle, where he creates hand-made fizzie bath bombs and aromatherapy soaking salts. He also loves playing with friends, soccer, climbing trees, pokemon, ninjago and building legos.

Ahmed helped review this new Christmas book, “The Not Very Merry Pout-Pout Fish,”

Deborah Diesen, author of this book, sent us a tweet saying the kids had made her “very merry” by doing this review. She told the kids to keep reading! We love connecting with authors and often interview them.

Featured in this review is Keiragan, age 8, is a huge book lover and reader. Along with “The Not Very Merry Pout-Pout Fish,” her favorite holiday books include “The Mitten,”
“How the Grinch Stole Christmas,” “Bear Stays Up for Christmas” and “Llama Llama Jingle Bells.”

Our Newest Reader Leaders and KidLit Lovers
Our Newest Reader Leaders

Also new to the kidlit lovers team at Roving Reader Leaders are a sister-brother team, Margot, age 7, and Wesley, age 10. You can see them in the photo above to the right, reviewing books, along with our chief, Michael. Like Ahmed, they are homeschooled.

Margot loves dogs–especially pugs! She and Wesley recently reviewed a “Buddy Files” book for us, which we’ll be sharing soon. They were also interviewed for this nice piece in the Beaverton Valley Times:

For Roving Reader Leaders, It’s All About Loving Books

We love how the author of this article begins the piece. Very funny!

In addition to being featured in the Beaverton Valley Times, Roving Reader Leaders was also featured by Fox-12 Oregon. This nice piece gives details about how our club was founded:

Boy Shares Passion for Reading By Creating Book Club

If you’re a parent or teacher who’s interested in having your kidlit lovers join our club, be sure to email us at! You can also sign up for our club here:
Join the Roving Reader Leaders club!

Our aim is to get kids actively engaged in reading, discussion and analysis in fun ways!

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