A Reader Leader Licks a KidLit Book to See if it’s in Good Taste!

Loving KidLit
Loving KidLit
Roving Reader Leaders do Book Review for Reporter

One of our reader leaders licked a KidLit book to see if it was in good taste while being interviewed by a local reporter–from the Beaverton Valley Times.

The interview (and book review) took place in one of our favorite libraries–the Beaverton City Library.

We love how the reporter begins the story–by comparing Michael, age 7, to a famous book reviewer from the New York Times.

“It’s unlikely anyone will mistake Michael Cohn for famed New York Times book critic Michiko Kakutani.

By way of example, the uber-literary Kakutani likely never licked a book before to find out whether it’s in good taste.

But Michael, age “7 and about a half,” goofily does just that as he discussed “The Hungry Book Club,” part of the “Nate the Great” series.

The Portland boy is a co-founder and one of the youngest members of the Roving Reader Leaders book club, children and teens who meet — often in Beaverton — to discuss and review children’s literature. Many of their reviews are filmed in places such as the Beaverton City Library and Beaverton Town Square shopping center, and then edited and posted on YouTube; they also interview authors via Skype.”

Read the article here: http://pamplinmedia.com/bvt/15-news/282033-158235-for-roving-reader-leaders-its-all-about-loving-books

Loving KidLit
Reader Leaders Discuss Loving KidLit

During the interview, we gave a demonstration of how we do our book reviews–often with an iPhone in a public place like a library, bookstore, park, gymnasium or museum.

That’s why we call our reader leaders “roving;” they do their reviews in places where kids can be found. The idea is to share their love of reading in ways that are contagious. During our reviews, kids sometimes jump in and offer their commentary.

Stay tuned for the reviews we conducted during this interview. And next time you see our Roving Reader Leaders out in public, they’ll be wearing their new badges, which just arrived in the mail. So did the stickers that we give authors whose books get a “Thumbs up!” from our team!

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