Reader Leader, Age 7, Gives 99-Million-Star Rating to Dog Book, “Rumplepimple”

Our Reader Leader Chief Gives "Rumplepimple" a 99-Million-Star Rating

In his latest review, Reader Leader Michael, age 7, gives the kids’ dog book, “Rumplepimple” a 99-million-plus-99-star rating.

Michael gives some details about the book’s characters, conflict and illustrations in this video book review of “Rumplepimple.”

The picture book features a family with two mothers, a mischievous dog and an annoying cat. Our Reader Leader chief says the book, nominated for a CYBILS award, has great illustrations, funny moments, and a hero who gets in trouble a lot!

The book exposes kids to families with two mothers by showing, rather than telling. The story focuses on the moms’ adventures with their pets, without specifically stating that this family is different than the norm.

When asked what it would be like living in a family with two moms, an annoying cat and a trouble-making dog, our reader leader focuses on the dog, saying Rumplepimple always gets in trouble.

We love kids’ dog books because, so often, they teach kids about the importance of tolerance. Our tail-waggers love us unconditionally and don’t judge us for our skin color, race or sexual orientation.

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