Video Book Review by Kids, age 5 &13: Good Dog, Carl

Video Book Review

In this video book review by Michael, age 5 at the time, and Mia, age 13, viewers learn all about why kids love “Good Dog, Carl” and especially what’s funny about it–according to Michael, who is chief of the Roving Reader Leaders.

Mia explains why this dog picture book is a classic for kids. Watch the video review here:

Our “Good Dog, Carl” review was filmed on the Oregon Coast; our other reviews take place in book stores, taxis, museums, city streets and on playgrounds and other places that are popular with children. That’s why we call our team “Roving” Reader Leaders! The kids’ mission is to “rove” and share their love of KidLit–especially in public places–in the hopes that their enthusiasm is contagious!

The Roving Reader Leaders also interview children’s book authors via Skype and post the interviews on our YouTube page and blog.

Do you know any young book lovers who would like to join the team? Email us at We’d love for parents, teacher and kids to submit photos of kids reading, and for book lovers to participate in our KidLit discussions (online and in person here in Portland). When they do this, they earn badges and could be featured on our website and blog. Learn about our founding Reader Leaders here:

Our “Good Dog, Carl” review was one of the first we filmed, back in 2013 when we began doing video book reviews. At the time, we only focused on dog books, but have since expanded to all kinds of kids’ books, including picture books and chapter books. We’re excited that our list of budding book reviewers is expanding!

Video Book Review
Video Book Review by Roving Reader Leaders

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